Data Protection Solution

Protecting and ensuring data recoverability across today’s diverse and distributed enterprises can be complex and costly, and often involves deploying numerous nonintegrated point solutions from several vendors to meet a wide range of application service levels. However, this proliferation of data protection and recovery solutions can introduce its own risks to the organization as the procurement; licensing and ongoing management of different systems becomes increasingly complex and disjointed.

We have identified the following key shifts that drive today’s reality.

  • Most organizations are facing an explosion of data.
  • Today’s enterprises are often diverse and distributed, and include multivendor solutions.
  • This proliferation of data protection and recovery solutions can introduce risks.

This new reality brings with it new challenges.

  • Digitized information can be deleted, stolen or simply misplaced among volumes of less useful data.
  • Managing the rapid growth in data requires a more sophisticated storage management solution.
  • Protecting and ensuring data recoverability often involves deploying numerous nonintegrated point solutions from multiple vendors to meet a wide range of application service levels.

IBM data protection solutions, featuring IBM Spectrum Protect™, enable advanced data backup and data recovery for virtual, physical, cloud and software defined environments – as well as core applications and remote facilities. IBM Spectrum Protect, formerly Tivoli Storage Manager Family, is a member of the IBM Spectrum Storage™ family.

IBM Spectrum Protect solutions:

  • Protects virtual, physical, and cloud data with one solution
  • Reduces backup and recovery infrastructure costs by up to 53 percent
  • Built-in efficiency features: Deduplication, incremental ‘forever’ backup
  • Enable software defined storage environments, by delivering file, block and object data protection for IBM Spectrum Storage and other SDS environments.
  • Enable cloud data protection with OpenStack and REST support, cloud portal for multi-tenancy, IBM SoftLayer integration and hybrid cloud optimization.
  • Integrate with VMware and Hyper-Vfor efficient virtual machine data protection that includes hardware-assisted snapshots, copy management, incremental ‘forever’ backups and new self-service restore portal, initially for VMware.
  • Mitigate the risk of data loss with frequent snapshots, multi-site replication and Disaster Recovery management.

Reduce the total cost of data protection with built-in efficiency features that can reduce backup infrastructure costs by up to 53 percent, based on IBM assessments using Butterfly software. Wide choice of license plans.

Why IBM Spectrum Protect?

The performance and availability of your storage environment can either enhance or hamper your business processes. That’s where IBM comes in. As a market leader in the storage industry, we can help you handle the challenges that your network or company as a whole encounters. Innovative technology, open standards, excellent performance, and a broad portfolio of storage-proven software, hardware and solutions offerings are just a few of the reasons why you should consider IBM storage offerings.


IBM Spectrum Protect V7.1.3 Operations Center adds more visibility, more control, and more automation with the following features:


  • Setting up and monitoring Spectrum Protect replication is simplified through the addition of setup wizards and new monitoring screens.
  • New wizards to help you configure and manage the new deduplication and object storage pools.
  • Ability to define a lifecycle for decommissions of client nodes data, which streamlines the process of removing backup data for decommissioned systems.
  • Improved ease of use of backup policy configurations with ability to add, activate, and edit backup policy management classes.
  • New interfaces to show front-end capacity values to make it easy to verify license compliancy.
  • A REST API to help automate and simplify management of the Spectrum Protect environment for cloud and managed service providers.


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