Enterprise Asset Management

Across almost every asset-intensive industry from oil and gas, to manufacturing, to transportation organizations are challenged with how to get the most value from assets across their entire lifecycle. In fact, in a recent survey of asset managers worldwide, more than 75 percent of respondents named system reliability as the fundamental reason to invest in enterprise asset management.

The reality is that today’s asset-intensive organizations must constantly track, assess and manage the reliability of an extraordinarily wide range of physical, technology and human assets. They must manage both inventory and production; repair machinery; hire and schedule employees; deploy and manage IT infrastructure; maintain physical plants; and manage linear infrastructure or rolling assets. To further complicate matters, technology infrastructures are tremendously complex, typically running applications and data in silos that can limit the effective- ness of cross-organizational operations and efficiencies.


IBM Maximo Asset Management

The IBM Maximo Asset Management solution offers the required visibility, control and automation of key information an organization needs to achieve greater efficiency in asset management by managing all asset types from traditional physical assets to emerging smart assets on a single technology platform.

Maximo Asset Management can support the maintenance of an organization’s physical infrastructure and improve customer service, increase return on assets, enable greater compliance, improve asset performance and reduce risk. And it can do it in a shorter time period, while providing better visibility and control of all required information to better align with an organization’s overall business goals and objectives.

The IBM solution for an integrated enterprise asset management approach is designed to naturally align with asset management best practices across an organization or in an industry. Maximo Asset Management software provides industry-leading capabilities and functionalities that allow capital, asset-intensive industries to leverage the benefits of an integrated enterprise asset management system to manage all critical assets and facilities within the organization.


Industry solutions

Maximo Asset Management is available for and can be tailored to the following industries:
  • Utilities: Provides smarter work and asset management activities for transmission and distribution in water and wastewater, as well as gas and electric power distribution
  • Oil and gas, mining and metals: Focuses on operational excellence by improving safety, reliability, compliance and performance while reducing costs through standardization, collaboration and the adoption of better operational practices
  • Manufacturing: Helps industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics or industrial products, food and beverage, or consumer products manage all their assets and maintenance activities; leverages concepts such as Lean/Six Sigma; and complements product lifecycle management requirements
  • Life sciences: Helps monitor, track and manage equipment, facilities, mobile and IT-enabled assets; integrates with IBM Maximo Calibration to help meet complex compliance requirements from the FDA and to provide support in validation projects
  • Healthcare: Tracks and locates all critical assets, monitors facility conditions, complies with reporting requirements and integrates with operational health information systems
  • Nuclear power: Helps nuclear organizations manage all work and asset management activities and address stringent regulatory requirements on compliance, health, safety and security
  • Transportation: Provides best practices to help improve the availability and utilization of critical transportation assets in companies operating rail, road and air traffic or logistics
  • Service providers: Helps manage SLAs and all related service management activities for multiple customers in a single deployed instance