Fax Automation Solution

In spite of many changes in communication technologies since the first fax was sent in 1855, faxing remains an important method for exchanging information.

Why? Because faxing is simple, delivery is confirmed, and faxed documents are legally binding. Faxing remains a universal method of document delivery with more than 100 billion fax pages are transmitted around the globe annually.

Fax allows large, midsize and small organizations to carry out their most-sensitive, valuable and mission-critical processes. Compliance and corporate governance initiatives will push more organizations from fax machines to fax servers, so as to provide better records of the documents that were sent and received.

A few examples are:

Financial institutions use fax to process their multibillion transactions.
  • Large global investment companies log significant fax traffic with orders and confirmations from customers.
  • Law firms use fax servers and fax machines to exchange hand-marked-up contract drafts, as well as final signed versions, as legally valid means of communications.
  • An oil company with global operations and exploration uses fax servers to overcome primitive infrastructure in emerging areas with local dial-in numbers for its teams. It moves its long-distance fax communications from public networks to the Internet in countries with exorbitant long-distance rates.
  • Oil companies use fax to receive fuel orders and send bills to their national networks of independent filling stations.

Challenges with Traditional Fax Delivery

But traditional faxing has limitations:

Supplying individual fax machines with paper, toner, separate phone lines, etc. is costly. Lost productivity is also costly, as employees using stand-alone fax machines often print a document, go to a fax machine, and then wait for confirmation that the transmission has finished.
  • In today’s integrated work environment, fax machines lack integration with common business applications that reside on computers – where most faxed documents are produced.
  • Stand-alone fax machines lack tracking and security. Fax machines cannot provide an audit trail of who sent each fax, and inbound faxes with sensitive information can’t be directed to a specific user or group. While all faxing can verify that a document was received, it cannot ensure that the received fax was not lost or misplaced, or read by the wrong person.

Why would you need a fax server?

A fax server is an IT system installed on a local area network (LAN) server that allows users whose device is attached to the LAN to send and receive fax messages. When a fax server is installed fax machines become obsolete as users can fax directly and securely from their personal devices. Fax servers enable:

  • Cut costs from standalone fax machines
  • Reduce paper delivery costs by 90%
  • Less paper and toner enhance green efforts
  • Consolidate resources and leverage IT. infrastructure


  • Fax over IP integration with VOIP networks
  • Integrate with multi-function printers & copiers
  • Extensive integrations & product certifications:
  • Microsoft, SAP, Oracle


  • Secure & tamper resistant document delivery
  • Centralized hubs to support regulatory compliance
  • Extensive tracking, auditing, and reporting



What is Open Text Fax Server?


OpenText RightFax is the market leading fax server and automated electronic document delivery solution, maintaining over four times the market share of its nearest competitor According to Davidson’s Fax Service Markets, 2012-2017 Report. RightFax is robust, feature rich, fax server software that automates the flow of fax, paper, and electronic documents. The product’s feature set and modular licensing options make it affordable for any size organization, and scalable for the enterprise. All new provides customers with the latest enhancements in fax server technology, integrating seamlessly with all your business applications as well as IP-based phone systems, MFP/MFD devices; incorporating fax into all of your existing office technology.

RightFax helps companies across the globe reduce costs associated with managing the business critical faxes and documents that drive their daily operations.


#1 worldwide secure, scalable, enterprise software solution, that allows companies to combine fax, email, internet technologies, and document recognition for document delivery and archival needs.
  • Seamlessly integrate with GroupWise, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, or any SMTP/POP3 service.
  • Incoming and outgoing faxes can be routed to individuals, departments, document management software, network printers, and network directories as PDF or TIFF images.
  • RightFax provides seamless print to fax capability from virtually any Windows application. User can receive automatic fax status updates, or check status through a variety of convenient interfaces.
  • OpenText RightFax leverages your investment in SAP, Oracle, Baan and AS/400 environments to enable high volume production faxing.