IT Service Management Solution

Aligning IT to the business needs really means that to support business growth IT must deliver reliable applications on-time, at a low cost.
It’s all about delighting the end user (the consumer), and the end users are becoming more demanding.
Traditional IT and support structures cannot met these consumer needs and support business objectives. To succeed in the market, to satisfy these consumer’s needs, Enterprises are turning to Hybrid Cloud to achieve Optimization (cost efficiency, stability/performance) and Innovation (creating new value, speed).
As part of this inflection point, the nature of the applications (both development and operations) is fundamentally transforming in the era of Cloud
  1. (what) Focus on Infrastructure Domains is shifting to focus on applications and end user experience (…. Infrastructure only matters in the context of applications and services it delivers)
  2. (where) IT in Centralized datacenters is moving to cloud and hybrid models with mobile device access
  3. (who) IT operators are mixing and collaborating with Developers and Application Owners – with more overlapping tasks in the DevOps continuum
    To meet these challenges requires greater visibility and control of the application and infrastructure to improve service quality and ensure great user experience. Providing fast service/application delivery while keeping costs low requires agility, flexibility and greater levels of automation.


IBM’s IT Service Management portfolio solution is about helping you address these challenges: lower costs and speed innovation. It helps:

  • Line of Business fuel innovation with great applications/services and proactively manage user satisfaction
  • Application Developers deliver these new applications/capabilities that delight the user, more quickly without compromise (quality)
  • IT Operations provide infrastructure and support for these business applications, on-time and at low cost.

We can categorize the set of capabilities needed to meet these business challenges into four main categories (remember though that these cannot be independent siloes)…
Operations helps IT operations teams consolidate, reduce and prioritize their business service impacting events and alarms (more efficient and agile)
Application (and Infrastructure Performance) Management helps IT operations and application support teams increase the delivery velocity of new business applications/services, and optimize the performance of these applications/services and their underlying infrastructure.
Automation helps client cut costs, accelerate service delivery and automate business processes – across physical assets, IT and Cloud.
Operations Analytics analyzes the big data produced by IT systems to predict outage and drive efficiencies.11

IBM’s Competitive Advantage

  • Grounded on our Solid Foundation of Trusted Technology – building on our core strengths including enterprise breadth, performance, scale, suite of capabilities
  • Simplified Client Experience (Remaking Enterprise IT for the era of Cloud) – Making it easier for our clients to engage with IBM – to learn/demo/try — to Deploy & Use. Provide flexible consumption models: on-premise, SaaS platforms, and hybrid
  • Applied Analytics (Transforming Industries and Professions with Data) – IBM has invested billions in Analytics and expertise to help our clients turn data into a competitive advantage. Going beyond aggregating the data — provide insights to prevent outages & quickly resolve issues.
  • Quick time to value for our clients (Delivering Value and Innovation) – IBM’s own agile/continuous delivery model for speed, agility in delivering new capabilities to client in weeks. IBM is also bringing capabilities together into an integrated platform across the management domains. That integration is best built on the back of Open Standards and an ecosystem of innovation to plug and play around and on top of our core platforms.  And IBM’s capabilities can integration and leverage your existing investment in infrastructure and tooling.

Putting it all together


ITSM makes it easy to get started

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IT Service Management is a strategic approach to designing, delivering, managing and improving the way information technology (IT) is used within an organization. The goal of IT Service Management is to ensure that the right processes, people and technology are in place so that the organization can meet its business goals.

IBM IT service management solutions help IT operations teams to effectively manage increasingly complex, hybrid environments and accelerate cloud services delivery. These solutions deliver advanced automation, performance management and orchestration capabilities.

IT service management solutions help to:

  • Simplify data center operations through advanced automation.
  • Enhance performance and resource utilization with predictive analytics.
  • Build on open standards for interoperability and cost savings.